Every recreational event that takes place is only as successful as the number of dedicated volunteers who come together to make it all happen. Human Potential races are no different. To some, volunteering sounds a lot like work. To others, it’s an opportunity to play a part in the success of those who participate.

Volunteering is a great way to learn about ultras. If you’re a veteran runner, it provides an opportunity for you to teach others the traditions and craft of our sport. If you’re brand spankin’ new, volunteering lets you see “the crazy” up close and personal.


We typically need volunteers for the following positions:

• Aid Station Captain
• Course Marshalls
• Course Marking
• Course Sweeps
• Aid Station Staff
• Parking Attendants
• Pre-Race/Registration Crew
• Finish Line Crew (Timers/Awards)
• Post-Race Festivities/Event Take-Down
• Medical Staff (MD, PA, RN, EMT, WFR)
• HAM Radio Operators


We have a program to reward our volunteers with future free race entries! We keep it simple: accrue credits by volunteering for (and working) shifts, trade in your credits for comp and discounted entries into our races or membership.

Accruing Credits:

• 4 Hour Shift = 1 Credit
• 6 Hour Shift = 1.5 Credits
• 8 Hour Shift = 2 Credits
• Trail work = 4 Credits
• Aid Station Captain for an entire race = COMPLIMENTARY ENTRY TO FUTURE RACE
• Course marking, course sweeping, medical staff = COMPLIMENTARY ENTRY TO FUTURE RACE

Spending Credits: 

Silverheels 100-Mile = 8 Credits
Indian Creek 50-Mile = 6 Credits
Stories Ultra 30-Hour (non member) = 6 Credits
Sangre de Cristo 100k = 5 Credits
Stories Ultra 15-Hour (non member) = 5 Credits
2018 HPRS Membership = 4 Credits
Sawmill Trail Runs (Non-Member) = 4 Credits
Sangre de Cristo 50-Mile = 4 Credits
Last Call 50 Mile = 4 Credits

Sheep Mountain 50 Mile = 4 Credits
Indian Creek 50k = 4 Credits
Tommyknocker 12-Hour = 3 Credits
Stories 30-Hour (member) = 3 Credits
Sangre de Cristo 50k – 3 Credits
Stories 6-Hour (non member) = 3 Credits
Stories Ultra 15-hour (member) = 2.5 Credits
Sawmill Trail Runs (Member) = 2 Credits

South Park Trail Marathon = 2 Credits
Sheep Mountain 50k = 2 Credits
Indian Creek 15 Mile = 2 Credits
Stories Ultra 6-Hour (member) = 1.5 Credits

South Park Half Marathon = 1 Credit
Mine Shaft Half Marathon = 1 Credit

(See note below about using credits towards a % off)

• Don’t have enough credits for a comp? You can use your credits for a discounted entry as well.
For Example: If you have 4 credits earned but want to Indian Creek 50-Mile, you can cash in your 4 credits for a 67% discount off race entry.
• Each volunteer credit expires at the end of the calendar year of issuance.

• Volunteer and earn 4 credits on 10/1/18 and you must use those credits prior to 12/31/18 or you will lose those 4 credits.
• HPRS will maintain a volunteer credit database, which will serve as the official database for all credits earned.
• Credits are non-transferable; they are to be used only by the individual who acquired them.

To get involved with Human Potential Races, please e-mail us at info@HumanPotentialRunning.com