Human Potential Running Series

This page outlines the policies of The Human Potential Running Series, managed by Human Potential LLC. The following policies are subject to change at any time, for any reason, under the discretion of the Race Director or Human Potential LLC. They have been instituted for your safety, our safety, the safety of all volunteers, spectators, crews, pacers, or other; and for the preservation of future events. They are non-negotiable and we thank you in advance for your cooperation. If, after reading this page, your question(s) is not answered, we invite you to also check out our FAQ Page, or by emailing us at


(The following policies apply to all HPRS Races)

• Yes, It’s Hard: Embrace the challenge. Enjoy yourself. There will be highs, lows, and everything in-between. You share this with every other runner on the course, and this is the community you’re a part of. Smile! Whining will not be met with the response you are thinking. 


• DNF’S: Any runner dropping out must immediately notify an aid station captain or the race director. We look at DNF’s as “Did Nothing Fatal.” Be Smart!

• Fans and Groupies: Some of our events prohibit CREWS and/or SPECTATORS out on the course. This includes them being at aid stations. In some cases, this is a condition of our permit(s). Every event with a permit must play by the rules of said permit. Many of our races take place in remote and wild places that cannot support a host of crew/spectator vehicles. In order to allow more runners to enjoy the event, we must limit the number of spectators allowed in the areas we’re using. Please respect this rule where applicable and enjoy your individual adventure.

• Bib Numbers: Runner bib numbers must be worn on the outside of whatever clothes you are wearing. If we cannot see your number we cannot score you at the aid stations. You are allowed to fold your bib, wear it on your hat, etc. Just make sure it’s visible from the front.

• Scoring/Tracking: Please check IN and OUT of each station. It is the responsibility of the individual runner to make sure your number has been noted at all manned aid stations.

• Medical Staff: All runners must abide by the directions of Medical Personnel and the RD. Their direction is for your own safety and the preservation of our events. Listen to them.

• Marco Polo: Runners who get lost during the race must return, without assistance from others, to the spot where they left the trail before they continue. This means if you find yourself off course, you must return to where you got off course (or earlier) before continuing. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. It is a long standing “old school” rule in ultra that it is ultimately up to the runner to know the course. It is suggested you carry the course map with you just in case. DO NOT ever cut a course, even if it’s a switchback!

• Running Events vs. Riding Events: Runners accepting a ride of any kind, for any reason, will result in immediate disqualification.

• Motorized Pacers: No vehicle shall follow a runner at any time.

• Carry In/Carry Out: No “muling” (pacers carrying runners gear.) Our races are individual efforts, not you and 6 friends. Carry your own gear at all times. This includes bottles, headlamps, food, jackets, etc.

• Pacer & The Bandits: No unofficial runners or pacers allowed on the course. Please have all pacers check-in with race staff!

• Cacheing: Runners may not store supplies of any kind along the course except at designated Drop Bag Aid Stations.

• Bring Only The Good Friends: Runners are responsible for the actions of their pacers, crews and spectators.  Everyone associated with the race must comply with all race rules & regulations as well as parking and access instructions issued by the RD in pre-race memos and at the pre-race briefing.  Non-compliance will result in the disqualification of the runner.

• Be A Good Sport: Runners must refrain from any act of bad sportsmanship.

• NO SMOKING: Smoking (of any kind) is not permitted at any location associated with our events.

• NO PETS: Pets are not allowed at aid stations OR the start/finish line. While fluffy might be an amazing companion, loved by many, not everyone enjoys meeting fluffy nor do they necessarily love fluffy. NO DOGS.. PERIOD!

• MUSIC: The use of headphones or personal speakers (iPods, mp3 players, Walkman, radios, etc) is allowed. Please note that their use presents a major safety hazard. We ask that if using headphones, you use only ONE earbud, and if using a speaker, keep the volume low enough so it is for your enjoyment only.

• POLES: We discourage the use of “trekking poles.” (Discourage…not prohibit.)

• Lotteries and Waitlists: HPRS does not have a lottery for any of its official races. They are first come first served. It is suggested you sign up when you can! Should a race reach capacity, we will host a wait list. If you are the next in line on the wait list and a spot opens up, you will have 24 hours to register for the race or your spot will be given to the next runner on the wait list. If you wish to rejoin the wait list, you’ll need to reapply and will find yourself at the bottom of the list. In other words, if it’s your day to register.. get it done!

Any violation could be grounds for disqualification. All potential rule violations are to be reported to the Race Director. Race management reserves the right to bar any runner from competing in any future Human Potential Race.

Each of our races come with their own set of policies which reflect the conditions of our permits, facility hosts, towns, counties, etc. Some of our events also have volunteer/trail work requirements. These policies and requirements are either mentioned on race pages, or in race runner manuals. These policies do not substitute or void the policies listed above. They are in addition to the above policies.

To view our FAQ page and answers to other questions please CLICK HERE.


NO REFUNDS will be issued under any circumstances.

Human Potential will gladly provide runners a 75% credit (excluding ultrasignup fees) via for use towards a future Human Potential Running Series race if notified in writing to (not Facebook, Twitter, or text message) 60 days or more out from the registered event. Runners may withdraw from a race for any reason during this time and receive the 75% credit providing they follow the above procedure. At the race director’s discretion, within 60 and 30 days out from the event, a 50% credit (excluding ultrasignup fees) may be provided in case of injury (with doctor’s note) or family emergency (with appropriate documentation). No credits will be given less than (30 Days) out from an event for any reason. All Credits will only be good for one year from date of issuance. There are NO REFUNDS under any circumstances.

No selling of entries is permitted. No refunds or credits will be provided for dropping down in race distance. Those who move UP in race distance, will be charged the difference for doing so.

We understand that issues arise at the last minute that can prevent a runner from arriving at the start line. We incur most costs early on in the planning process, and this policy represents our ability to reasonably provide something to runners who cannot attend, while keeping our entry fees low and quality high. Our refund and credit policy is non-negotiable and aligns with the industry standard. 


Bib Transfers are allowed under the following conditions ONLY. The runner you transfer your entry to will be charged a $20 transfer fee. You, the original registrant, must contact HPRS in writing to (not Facebook or Twitter message) and CC the individual who you are transferring your entry to no less than two weeks (14 days) prior to the race (non-negotiable). The transferred runner will be given a code to register for the event at the $20 rate. Additional processing fees will be applied.

If a race should sell-out and/or a wait list be implemented, the transferring of bibs will no longer be an eligible option. 

You may NOT transfer your bib to another runner AND receive race credits towards a future race or vice versa.


Should you register for a race and then become pregnant following your registration and prior to race day; you are welcome to defer your entry to a future edition of the same race if you wish. To obtain the deferral, please send a Pregnancy Deferral Request to us at up to 30 days prior to the race, and include written confirmation of your pregnancy signed by a physician, registered midwife, or other medical professional. We reserve the right to require additional proof of pregnancy and may reject a deferral request if the documentation verifying pregnancy is deemed insufficient. Women who obtain a Pregnancy Entry Deferral will be granted automatic entry into any one of the next two editions of the same race after the initial year deferred. If a woman becomes pregnant again during a Pregnancy Entry Deferral period, she may request another Pregnancy Entry Deferral. This would permit her to defer her race entry for the two-year period allowed by the most recent Pregnancy Entry Deferral request. Should for some unforeseen circumstance the race deferred from is cancelled or no longer exists, the deferral will then be good (and only then) for any other HPRS race of equal distance or lesser value. No refund of entry fees will be administered under any circumstance.

Furthermore, we also welcome Pregnancy Complications Deferral requests from significant others (male, female, or other) of pregnant individuals who experience pregnancy complications. The same rules as above will apply to the significant other with regards to a deferral request with written confirmation of complications signed by a physician, registered midwife, or other medical professional; with the exception that this type of deferral may be requested no less than 15 days out from the registered race.

An individual can be granted no more than two deferral requests. 


HPRS is a LGBTQ safe space and we do welcome and encourage participation in our events by all athletes regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Any event that is permitted by the United States Forest Service/US Government (USDA) strictly prohibits the discrimination of athletes based on gender and sexual orientation. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status.” Transgender athletes will be listed as the gender they registered for the race, which is typically as they personally identify. We will NOT debate this stance, nor will we entertain insensitive or bigoted comments from those who find issue with this stance. 


In the event a race is cancelled due to extreme weather, fire, or some other unforeseeable event, we cannot offer refunds or credits. ANY race can be cancelled, postponed, or ended early by the Race Director, or any of our associated land manager(s). Those decisions will be made based on an in depth risk management assessment conducted by the race director and/or land manager(s), and with the overall safety of all involved (runners, pacers, crews, spectators, volunteers, etc) in mind. We understand these difficult decisions may not be the most popular with all involved, but the decision will be made with the proper risk management considerations in mind. 


HPRS Race shirts are made to order and not ordered in bulk. Race shirts may only be picked up in person at packet pickup, or on race day, by the registered runner. We will not mail out shirts to participants that do not attend the event. Shirts of those not in attendance will be given out to other runners looking for a different size, or a volunteer. We also will NOT mail any forgotten or unclaimed finishers awards or drop bags (see below).


DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY HPRS RACE. They are not allowed at the pre-race meeting or post-race celebration. They are not allowed at the start, or the finish. They are not allowed at any aid station out on the course. Should your family or friends bring a dog to the event, you will be immediately disqualified from the event, will not receive a finishers award, will appear as a DNF in the results, and you will not be eligible or entitled to any refund or credit. You could also face a ban from all future HPRS events for this infraction as well. While fluffy might be an amazing companion, and loved by many, not everyone enjoys meeting fluffy nor do they necessarily love fluffy. In the past, dogs have become an increasing issue at all ultra events, not just those put on by HPRS. At HPRS, dogs have been left to roam free at aid stations and in doing so they have eaten food for runners. There have been numerous dog fights at aid stations where dogs have been injured, and another situation where an 8-year old girl interfered in a dog fight to save her own dog. This poses a huge liability risk to all runners, spectators, and HPRS as a business. A risk we are not willing to take. NO DOGS. PERIOD.


We will not ship any drop bags abandoned at our races. Drop bags must be picked up on race day or the runner forfeits their bag and its’ contents forever. As soon as each race concludes, the contents of abandoned drop bags are either donated to local charities or non-profits, or will be rummaged through to provide gear for needy runners (think college students and high schoolers looking to get into ultra, or runners who lost items in a house fire, etc). In some cases, what we retrieve will end up at future aid stations for runners to use. We will do our very best to return drop bags to the finish line in a timely manner. We highly suggest you keep nothing of personal value or importance in your drop bags. If you do not intend to retrieve your drop bag at the finish line late in the day, it is best to not have a drop bag, or at least one with items you’re not ok with losing.


HPRS will do everything within our power to ensure that race results are posted within 72-hours of completion of a race. Once results are posted, runners have one week (7 days or 168 Hours) to submit an email to HPRS at to have their results corrected in the event of an error. We will only consider incorrect finish times (more than 5 minutes off), spelling of your name, your gender, or distance run; as “an error.” Furthermore, HPRS is a LGBTQ safe space and we do welcome and encourage participation in our events by all athletes regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Transgender athletes will be listed as the gender they registered for the race, which is typically as they personally identify. We will NOT debate this stance, nor will we entertain insensitive or bigoted comments from those who find issue with this stance. As stated above, Transgender athletes will be listed as the gender they registered for the race, which is typically as they personally identify. We will NOT debate this stance, nor will we entertain insensitive or bigoted comments from those who find issue with this stance. 


We will NOT ship any awards not picked up on race day. In most cases, awards are handed to you at the finish line. In other cases (Silverheels 100) there is an awards ceremony. HPRS is dedicated to bettering our ultra community by hosting events that encourage mingling and partying before and after the run. If you are unable to engage in this process, by staying behind to obtain your award, please see us immediately on race day for other options.


Few races can afford to feed all runners and volunteers, plus their family and friends. In our efforts to keep our events reasonably priced, we’re not one of them.  Please respect this policy as feeding our already large crowd is our biggest expense, and it is unreasonable to expect us to feed everyone who attends a race. Family and friends who are joining us to cheer you on are encouraged to bring their own food and snacks for the day. 


No successful event can happen without the dedicated service of volunteers. Volunteers are eligible to accrue points towards discounted and comp race entries for HPRS events only. Points accrued expire at 11:59:59 on December 31st of the year accrued (Sawmill excluded). Race registration for the following year typically opens on December 1st. No exceptions will be made for those who “drag their feet” and fail to sign up using their points for the following year in a timely fashion.

Walk-up volunteers the day of the event are eligible for compensation on a case by case basis, typically tied to volunteer need by race staff, and the amount and type of work performed. Otherwise, compensation is only awarded to those who signed-up to volunteer prior to the event. You can learn more about volunteering and the compensation system on our Volunteer Page.

Compensation codes will be issued ONE TIME via email following a written request from each volunteer looking to cash in their points. Compensation cannot be used at the event worked. These codes are transferable to a family member, friend, or stranger at your discretion provided HPRS is notified via email beforehand at


The Human Potential Running Series focuses on the community of trail and ultra running first, and competition second. Because we do not offer prize monies or special accommodations for elites/front runners, we feel that doping at our events should theoretically be a non-issue. We do recognize that doping in our sport has become a hot topic, and HPRS is dedicated to providing runners with an accurate representation of our stance.


Please be aware that your right to possess marijuana in any state does not apply when you are visiting national parks, national forests or monuments, or other federal properties. Possession of marijuana on federal land is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of $1,000 on the first offense, along with a 15-day mandatory sentence that can be extended to two years in prison for a second offense. After that, perpetrators can receive a 90-day to three-year prison term, and a $5,000 fine.

It is 100% illegal to possess any marijuana on federal lands. Colorado Amendment 64 does not permit the consumption of marijuana outside the comfort of your own home.

CBD is not derived from the same hemp plant as THC. It is a myth that you can get high from CBD, as CBD does not contain the psychoactive ingredient of THC (which is psychoactive). We do encourage the use of CBD as it has many health benefits, has recently been removed by the WADA as a banned substance, and there are even CBD products that are NSF International Certified for sport. Have at it!

In regards to alcohol, HPRS is not permitted to provide runners with alcohol before, during, or after any race. We have not obtained the required liquor license, and/or additional insurance policy, to do so. Starting in 2016, Prohibition of alcohol is a condition of our permits moving forward. Therefore HPRS, nor any associated volunteers/individuals, are permitted to distribute alcohol to participants for any reason. Runners wishing to bring their own alcohol to the event, are allowed to do so, but will be subject to all laws pertaining to open containers and alcohol consumption in public settings.

In both the circumstances of marijuana (THC) and alcohol neither will be encouraged, distributed, or even handled by HPRS or its representatives. Should you decide to provide these items for your own personal use, you do so at your own risk and are subject to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Should it become a concern of HPRS  that you are intoxicated, under the influence, or generally not of clear sound mind (enough to continue through the event safely) for any reason we reserve the right to pull you from the course immediately. This is non-negotiable.

Volunteers at our events are allowed to bring their own alcohol for personal consumption. At no time, for any reason, is a volunteer to share, distribute, or so much as offer alcohol to one of our race patrons. Alcohol consumption at aid stations is only to be consumed during times in which an aid station is closed or “inactive.” While volunteers are allowed to drink, it is strictly prohibited for them to get intoxicated/drunk during the event at any time. If you would like to drink to access, we require that you only do so after your duties at the event have concluded in their entirety. All alcohol present at your aid station must be 100% out of view from runners. Alcoholic beverages must be consumed from red solo cups only. Volunteers and staff who ignore or violate this policy, will be immediately removed from the event and banned from ALL future HPRS events.