HPRS will place a rock in a predetermined location out on the course. The first runner who carries the rock across the finish line will receive their choice of $250 in HPRS race credits (via -or- a $250 check.

The Rock Fine Print

Runners choosing to carry the rock do so at their own risk
• The rock weighs 60-70 lbs, is painted fluorescent orange with black “$” on it
• The rocks location is chosen by HPRS Staff and could be anywhere on the course
• The rock must be carried across the official course, from the mile it is placed, to the finish. (Ex: If it’s a 50 mile race and the rock is at mile 40, it must be carried the last 10 miles of the course)
• Runners must bring the rock across the finish line unassisted by mechanical advantage (No wagons, bikes, cars, etc). The rock must be carried, rolled, or dragged by the runner
• $250 in the form of credit is good on  for HPRS races ONLY and for a time period up to one year from issuance
• $250 in the form of a check will be written the day of the race and must be cashed prior to the end of that calendar year or the check will be voided
• HPRS reserves the right to NOT place the rock out at any race, for any reason.


At any race where HPRS meets 50% of the races capacity, the prize purse will be activated. The purse will increase at 75% full and again at 100% full. Only runners who are official finishers of the race are eligible for the prize purse. The prize purse could be won by any official finisher regardless of finishing time or place. Prize purse winners will be selected at random following the completion of the race. All runners who finish will have their bib # entered into the prize purse lottery. Once we hit the official race cut-off, a bib # of a finisher will be drawn from the bucket. That bib # will win the prize.

Prize Purse Breakdown

South Park Trail Marathon & Half, Sheep Mountain 50-Mile, Silverheels 100-Mile
50% = 150 Runners = $100
75% = 225 Runners = $200
100% = 300 Runners = $400

Tommyknocker Ultras & Indian Creek Fifties
50% = 100 Runners = $100
75% = 150 Runners = $200
100% = 200 Runners = $400

The Purse Fine Print

Runners who entered the race via comp entry or scholarship are not eligible to win the purse.
• Only runners who are official finishers of the distance they started are eligible (ie. If you drop from 50 Miles to 50k at Indian Creek, you are not eligible).
• Runners finishing after the official race cut-off are not eligible.
• Any runner disqualified from the race, for any reason, is not eligible.
• Only finishers, from first to last, may win the purse regardless of their place or time so long as they are an official finisher of the distance they started.
• The winner will be selected at random via blind bib# draw at the conclusion of the race (Following the finishing of the last official runner within the cut-off).
• Purse monies will be issued to the winner via check and must be cashed prior to the end of the calendar year of issuance or the check will be voided.
• HPRS reserves the right to increase or decrease purse amounts for any reason, at any time.
• Any race that does not meet the 50% Registration Activator, will not have the purse. The purse is only activated at races where HPRS hits at least 50% registration for that specific race.
• Runners who are present at the time of the draw will win 100% of the prize purse. However, runners not present at the time of the draw will only win half of the prize purse.
• Should any race fall back below 50% due to entrant 
withdrawal, the purse will be deactivated.
• HPRS Reserves the right to not have The Purse for any reason or no reason at all.


The Human Potential Running Series prides itself on continuing a few of the “old-school” traditions of Ultrarunning. We offer the following prizes as well, but do note that one should never “try” to win them.

Dead F*cking Last
This has long been a celebrated finishing position in the sport of ultra running. It goes to the individual whose grit and determination to finish a race saw them on the course the longest. For coming in dead last we typically offer a comp entry to a future race. We’ve also been known to up the ante with a framed award and a bottle of whiskey from time to time. 

Best Blood
Let’s face it, from time to time we all eat it.. and hard. It can be embarrassing, and at times pretty bad ass. For coming in with a good trickle of blood thanks to your inability to pick up your feet, we like to give a special award. The winner receives a framed award, discount to a future HPRS race, and a little something should we decide to throw some extra love in.