The Human Potential Running Series Membership 

Human Potential LLC (HPRS) is committed to bettering, and expanding, the Ultrarunning Community. Our members are trail and ultra running enthusiasts based primarily in Colorado’s Front Range. Most of our members live in the Mountain West and adjacent plains states, though we do have members in all corners of the country.

HPRS is best known for it’s winter Fat Ass Series, which for a time was the largest and most attended Fat Ass Series in the world. You are not required to be a member to join one of our Fat Ass Runs, though you are required to be a member to reap the full benefits associated with the Fat Ass Series.

Details about our membership is below. We ask that you please also read the fine print. Membership Sales for 2017 are now open and your 2017 membership will expire on 10/31/2017. Membership Sales for 2018 will open on 10/1/17 for your convenience.


Current 2017 Membership Stats (as of 7/23/17)

• We have 288 Members
– 175 Male = 61%
– 113 Female = 39%

• Our youngest member is 20, and our oldest is 80.
• Our Members live in 11 States: AZ, CA, CO, KS, MD, MT, NM, TX, UT, VA, WY

Membership and Fees

Standard 2017 Membership: $30
Members Receive:

  • Discounts to a selection of Front Range Running Retailers, and select online retailers.
  • A minimum of a 10% Discount on all HPRS Race Registrations
    • (Discount excludes membership fees, journey runs, classes, camps)
    • You can increase your discount to a maximum of 25% off by participating in our yearly Fat Ass Series
  • FREE Admission to select HPRS Classes/Clinics
  • Members only newsletter which will include upcoming members only training and journey runs.
  • Access to information for all of our HPRS Fat Ass Runs
  • One (1) HPRS Sticker plus One (1) Fat Ass Sticker

2018 MEMBERSHIPS – COMING 10/1/2017


• 10% Off HPRS Events*
• Welcome Letter
• Membership Card
• HPRS Sticker
• Discounts from our Partners**

• Minimum of 10% Off HPRS Events*
• Access to Fat Ass Series
• Fat Ass Neck Gaiter

• Welcome Letter
• Membership Card
• HPRS Sticker
• Fat Ass Sticker
• Free Coaching From Sherpa John**

• Discounts from our Partners***

• Minimum of 15% Off HPRS Events*
• #Adversity T-Shirt
• Access to Fat Ass Series
• Fat Ass Neck Gaiter

• Welcome Letter
• Membership Card
• HPRS Sticker
• Fat Ass Sticker
• Free Coaching From Sherpa John**

• Discounts from our Partners***


Thanks to our Participating Partners!



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The Fine Print:

  • Memberships can be purchased at any time starting October 1st of the current year (2016), and will expire on October 31st of the following year (2017).
  • Any membership purchased between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017 is only good for Membership Year 2017. Renewals or new membership purchases for 2018 will begin again on October 1, 2017.
  • There are no partial or discounted membership prices for those who register for membership later in the current membership year. (ie. If you register for membership in April 2017, you will still pay the above mentioned prices for 2017 membership which expires on October 31, 2017.)
  • Those who volunteer for an accumulated total of 16 Hours or More at HPRS Races in the Year before (2017 Races for 2018 Membership) will have their membership fee waived.
  • Members who attend 2 or more (16+ hours) HPRS trail work days in 2017 will have their membership fee waived for 2018.
  • HPRS Membership is NOT an “entry fee” for our Fat Ass Series. It is a Club/Membership Fee that covers up to 12 Months of Special “Members Only” Discounts and Events. Fat Asses are an additional gift, not a right, of membership.
  • * Basic Membership comes with a minimum and maximum of a 10% Discounted HPRS Race Registration. Crew Membership starts at 10% off and members can earn up to 25% off HPRS Race Registration. Adversity Membership starts at 15% off and members can earn up to 25% off HPRS Race Registration. 
  • ** Online Coaching from Sherpa John includes a one hour session, via video chat or in person, where Sherpa John shows you how to create your own training plan for 50k, 50 Miles, 100k or 100-Miles. It also includes a pdf from Sherpa that outlines his best tips on completing your first 50k and 50mile ultra, and a separate pdf for those looking to finish their first 100-mile. 
  • *** Discounts are at the sole discretion of our partners and are never guaranteed. HPRS is not responsible for businesses no longer willing to offer the discount, or for businesses that go out of business or prefer to no longer honor the HPRS discount mid membership season. Verbal agreements for discounts are made between HPRS and partners in September. 
  • It is the right of Human Potential LLC to suspend, or terminate, any HPRS Membership. Suspension or termination will come in writing from HPRS as soon as possible following the course of action. Human Potential LLC (HPRS) is not at all obligated to provide the suspended or terminated member with a reason for this course of action, though it is generally done when members are negative or act in a way detrimental to the club, community, or business. No refunds or credits, in full or partial, will be issued to anyone under any circumstances should their membership be suspended or terminated.
  • It is the right of Human Potential LLC to update, alter, or edit the terms and conditions stated above; for any reason or no reason at all, with written notice or no written notice to it’s members. To be fair, HP will refrain from editing these terms and conditions without notifying it’s members promptly.