Human Potential is the little voice in your head that dares you to dream it,
moves you to do it and wills you to experience it.
It is unlimited.

Welcome to The Human Potential Running Series!

The Human Potential Running Series is a celebration of grass roots, low frills ultra and trail running. Events range from the unofficial group run to the official race; ranging in distances from the half marathon to 100 Miles.
Our events are designed, specifically, to challenge each participant physically and/or mentally as well as providing our runners with a historically traditional version of
ultrarunning that enhances the ultra community.
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May 19, 2018
Golden, CO
Trailrunner Trophy Series Race


August 5-6, 2017
Fairplay, CO
Trailrunner Trophy Series Race
UTMB Qualifier = 6 Points


 June 08, 2018
Fairplay, CO
Trailrunner Trophy Series Race


October 21, 2017
Sedalia, CO
55k UTMB Qualifier = 3 Points
50mi UTMB Qualifier = 4 Points


August 4, 2018
Fairplay, CO
Trailrunner Trophy Series Race

50 Mile UTMB Qualifier = 4 Points
50k UTMB Qualifier = ?? Points



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Portions of The South Park Trail Marathon & Half, Sheep Mountain 50-Mile, Silverheels 100-Mile, and the Indian Creek Fifties are conducted on public land under special use permit from The Unites States Forest Service.