It takes literally thousands of volunteer hours to host our series of events every year. We simply cannot do what we do without the dedicated commitment of those who work those hours. Every year, there is someone whose selfless contributions to our community rise above the rest. We choose to honor them with the Volunteer of the Year award, which comes with a year’s worth of comp entries the following year. 

Logan Polfuss was a regular as HPRS events for the few years he resided in Colorado. At 23 years old, he died unexpectedly in a skydiving accident in October 2018, less than one week after finishing The Indian Creek 50-Mile. Logan was a pioneer for young ultra runners in our sport, becoming one of the youngest ultra runners ever to complete a 100-mile race at the age of 15. He began his ultra career during High School in Oshkosh, WI, where he went to state to run for his school twice. Logan was a talented ultra runner having qualified for the Boston Marathon and having finished over 100 ultras in his running career. Logan had an infectious smile which he lent to many, he was selfless and always showed up. He’ll be greatly missed for many years to come. 

HPRS Volunteers of the Year

2014: Jeremy Ebel
2015: (not awarded)
2016: Jonathan Pope
2017: Jamie Reichler
2018: Greg Fradkin