Ultra Stories is brought to you by The Human Potential Running Series, Colorado’s largest series of ultra marathons. Ultra Stories strives to tell the stories that we get to share on the trails while running together, but don’t get to hear in our everyday lives. These are the stories that magazines, or online running media channels, never tell. We find every runner’s story fascinating; regardless of where you finish the race; we want to hear the stories that dare you to dream it, move you to do it, and will you to experience it. The Ultra Stories Podcast focuses on telling the unique stories of those individuals who face and overcome adversity through the sport of ultra. It is a celebration of the sport by telling the personal stories of those who participate, and dare to discover their own Human Potential.

The Ultra Stories Podcast is available on iTunes, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, and through the archive listed below.


Body Issues

By HPRS Staff Columnist Christopher Mellott Find your most recent race photo and take a long look at it. What is your first thought? Mine is usually somewhere between “I look so out of
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On Gratitude

By HPRS Staff Columnist Holly Rapp Over the last year, I had the privilege of returning to running after a nearly two-year injury- and illness-induced hiatus. During that period, multiple stress fractures and serious
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Choosing Your First Ultra

By HPRS Race Director “Sherpa” John Lacroix Congratulations! You’ve made the first critical step in becoming a member of one unique community. You’ve finally submitted to the idea that yes, you too can run
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