The HPRS Training Plan Generator tool has been designed to provide you with a weekly training plan for various ultra distances. The generator can provide you with a plan for 50k, 50 Mile & 100k, and 100 mile ultramarathons based on the date of your race. Enter the date of your race (or use the drop down calendar), select the distance you would like a plan for, then click ‘submit’ and a plan will appear on the next page. On the results page you will see the plan in calendar format, and there is a way for you to download the plan so you can manipulate it or to easily print it out.


Need a little more help than just a training plan? We’ve got ya covered with a selection of options to help you succeed with your trail and ultra running goals. HPRS is dedicated to providing runners, current or aspiring, with the tools necessary to help them succeed with their personal athletic goals. Below is our very best recommendations for training, coaching, and your health and wellness needs.


HPRS owner and race director “Sherpa” John Lacroix has been running ultra marathons since 2005, and 100-milers since 2007. Since then he has successfully completed more than 60 official ultras, countless ultra distance fat ass and journey runs, and has run 100-miles or more (the most being 202 miles) 23 different times.

John is offering to meet with any ultra runner, current or aspiring, for a free in-person coaching session of up to an hour and a half in length. This session can be done in person, or via video chat (Skype or FaceTime), where he will show you how to create your own training plan for 50k-100 miles (using the generator above) with a more in-depth discussion about the plan. This session comes complete with a discussion on your running history and aspirations, and a Q&A between the two of you where John will answer any and all of your questions as well as provide you with important things to think about during training and races. This session will also come with a pdf straight from John providing you with his best tips for completing your first 50k to 50-Mile, and a separate pdf for those going after their first 100-Mile finish. To set up your complementary time with John, email him directly by clicking on his logo below.


Are you having general health concerns?  Are you an active lifestyle enthusiast or a competitive athlete?  Are you injured? Would you like to perform at your very best?  Would like to lose weight or work on anti-aging? At Advanced Body Dynamics (ABD), Dr. Kelly and her team have a genuine concern for your overall health and level of performance. They take an integrated whole body approach with their cutting edge technology using low force Chiropractic (Activator Methods), MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques), Customized Nutrition and Dietary plans through Comprehensive Bloodwork, Hair Analysis and Urine Tests, Kinesiotaping, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Far Infrared Sauna just to name a few.

HPRS Highly recommends ABD for any athlete looking to make a considerable impact on their overall health, to elevate their performance to a higher level, and/or to help manage their biomechanics and physiological structure. Dr. Kelly is an ultra marathon runner herself and is keen to the needs and concerns of any trail and ultra athlete. Click on their logo below to learn more about the services offered by Dr. Kelly and her team at ABD, and a reminder that current HPRS members receive special rates on a number of their services.