Saturday, May 4, 2019 – Sedalia/Roxborough, CO w/Denver Trail Runners
Sunday, June 9, 2019 – Fairplay, CO

Friday, July 5, 2019 – Fairplay, CO
Saturday-Sunday July 20-21, 2019 – Fairplay TRAIL WORK CAMPOREE!
Sunday, August 4, 2019 – Fairplay, CO
September TBA – Sedalia/Roxborough, CO (stay tuned)

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Don’t see a date or location that works for you? Contact Sherpa John ( to set up a trail work day that does! We have all the tools necessary to conduct a variety of much needed trail work projects throughout the Front Range. Sherpa can be the liaison between you and the appropriate land managers. Trail work is great for you and your group of running friends to give back, or even to serve as a day of team-building with your company! Sherpa has an immense amount of experience in conducting team-building adventure experiences for various Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, locally owned businesses, and various collegiate and professional level athletic teams. Reach out and let’s get you swinging those pulaski’s!

Volunteering for a trail work doesn’t require you to have any previous skills, or tools, to complete the various tasks associated with the day. HPRS Trail Work staff will train you, and assist you, with the necessary tasks, and we’ve been fortunate to purchase our own cash of the tools we’ll need. Some days are harder than others, some days are dirtier than others, but all days end up being incredibly rewarding. 

HPRS is pleased to offer a few rewards as a thank you for volunteering specifically with us on our trail works days.
1.) HPRS volunteers accrue credits based on hours worked. Those who volunteer for HPRS Trail Work receive an automatic comp entry for their time. So, if you work an 8 hour trail work day you’ll receive a free race.
2.) HPRS volunteer hours are good for one point per hour worked, and those points go towards our annual Adversity Cup. 

Additional Opportunities with Jefferson County OSMP

Don’t want to head to Fairplay to get trail work done? Consider joining our friends at JeffCo OSMP! A list of their upcoming volunteer days are listed on Eventbrite by clicking HERE.

Additional Opportunities with Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA)

Is the idea of volunteering with HPRS in Fairplay, or with Jefferson County Open Space, not working out for you? Not finding dates that work for you? Please also consider joining our friends at COMBA! Consider that this group has contributed to a literal mountain of new trail construction projects, and the ongoing maintenance of literally hundreds of Front Range trails over the years. This is a great way to bridge the gap between our two communities. A list of their upcoming volunteer days are listed on their website by clicking HERE.


Starting in 2014, HPRS became the first ultra (and/or series) in the state of Colorado to officially adopt trails from the United States Forest Service for yearly maintenance. We have done this in order to continue on our mission of not only building a better ultra community for our runners, but to improve the relationships between ultra running and the land managers we work with.

In cooperation with the United States Forest Service, Pike National Forest South Park Ranger District, we have adopted 11 miles of trail in the South Park Valley. The 11 miles we’ve adopted is made up of 4 different segments of trail. Three of those segments are routes we use for our Silverheels 100-Mile Endurance Run held annually in July. The fourth segment is part of the Sheep Mountain 50-Mile Endurance Run held annually in August. From time to time, projects will trickle onto other portions of trail within the district as land manager’s needs dictate.

There is no doubt that our events, and other events like it, put various types, and levels, of strain on the resources we utilize. Human Potential believes it is imperative we give back to better conserve these resources for future generations of trail users.

Many races have started to require their participants complete at least 8-hours of volunteer trail work prior to running in their event. The Human Potential Running Series requires registrants in our Silverheels 100-Mile Endurance Run to complete at least 8-hours of volunteer service in order to participate (Though, runners can opt out of this requirement by submitting a donation to 2-Mile High Inc.; a local non-profit that benefits the South Park Recreation District). Furthermore, certain districts of the USFS have begun to mandate that volunteer trail work be conducted by those looking to secure permits on USFS land. Due to recent budget cuts the forest service is looking to organizations such as ours to help them in maintaining the trails we wish to use. 

Due to the growing number of races requiring volunteer trail work, as well as our own requirements, HPRS is also proud to adopt these trails to better serve the Colorado ultrarunning community in fulfilling these requirements. Every year, HPRS will be releasing a trail work schedule to allow folks to plan which workdays they’d like to attend.