We understand that the sport of ultra running can be an expensive hobby, enjoyed mostly by those with expendable income. We also believe that money should not be a deterrent from allowing all who wish to join the ultra community, the chance to do so. While some races use a portion of entry fee dollars towards front runner prizes, we instead allocate those funds towards strengthening our community and allowing others to participate.

The Garrett La Force Scholarship Program

Human Potential sponsors two (2) entry fee scholarships for “needy” runners to each of our Ultras. The scholarships are based on individual runners need, not on previous or expected performance. THIS IS NOT A FINANCIAL SCHOLARSHIP FOR COLLEGE TUITION.

How to Apply

To apply: Please write a 200 (or less) word essay on why you are in need of and deserve a scholarship to the race you’d like to run.

Application Essays for the scholarship should be submitted to info@HumanPotentialRunning.com no later than three months prior to the start date of the ultra you wish to run. The amount of the scholarships is the entry fee minus $10. Therefore, scholarship recipients must pay $10 plus cost of any additional meals.

Entries will be reviewed by the race director and a select group of volunteers. Applicant’s names will be removed for the review process. Winners will be notified by e-mail shortly after the three month deadline. All applicants must meet the qualifying standards of the race you are applying for to be considered for the scholarship.

We thank the ongoing traditions of our friends in the VHTRC, in accordance with the MMT100, for this generous idea.

Who Is Garrett La Force?

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsGarrett La Force exemplified what Human Potential is all about. He was born in Evanston, IL and raised in Barrington & Libertyville, Illinois; After Earning is Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Northern Michigan University, Garrett moved to Colorado. In 2014, Garrett finished his first year as a STEM teacher in Eagle, CO where he was also the Head Volleyball Coach and Assistant Soccer Coach. His passion was teaching both academics and athletics. During the 4th of July holiday in 2014, Garrett passed away in a tragic car accident on his way back to camp from the Telluride 4th of July festivities.

Garrett was known for taking the time to help those around him. He is fondly remembered by his infectious smile, being a mentor to his brother and sister, and his passion for life in seeking his own path. Most of us weave our way through life wondering “what if I did that?” or “I should have done that!” Garrett never had those thoughts as he always “went for it” regardless of other opinions.

Garrett joined us numerous times for our collection of Free Fat Ass Runs in the Front Range. Typically by his side, you would find his dad Jeff soldiering on. Jeff and Garrett were a force indeed as they often ran in various ultras and adventure races together. Some of our favorite memories of Garrett include him running ahead of his father only to quip that he was trying to “keep him young and prevent him from getting fat-er.” Garrett was the 3rd from last participant to drop out of the 1st Annual Niwot’s Challenge and even then, he did so with a smile.

Garrett was a young man who dared to explore his Human Potential. In turn, he showed us what Human Potential is all about.


There are a number of ways one can earn a discounted or comp entry to HPRS Races.
Normally, they are as follows:

• Complete all eight of our main Fat Ass Series events and be entered to win our raffle for one of two comp entries to an HPRS Race of your choice, or win the grand prize of a comp entry to ALL of our HPRS Races in one calendar year.

• Apply to the Garrett La Force Scholarship Program above to be one of the two runners who receives a comp entry to each race in Garrett’s Memory.

• Earn and then redeem points through Volunteering at any of our HPRS Events.

For more info on these or other ways you can earn a discounted or comp entry, e-mail us at info@HumanPotentialRunning.com