HPRS’ Military Program designed specifically to appreciate, and celebrate, United States Military Members. 


HPRS is proud to offer 20% Off HPRS Race Registration and HPRS Membership to the men and women of our armed services.
This discount is open to all active duty, retired, and veteran servicemen and women; the following branches of service are eligible: Army, Navy, Marine Corps., Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard/Reserves.

To obtain your discount, you must email a copy of your military ID card (Active Duty or Retired), or DD Form 214, to info@HumanPotentialRunning.com

Once verified, HPRS will email you a special discount code for your own personal use at time of race registration check-out.


HPRS is proud to provide Military Members with their own special FUBAR CUP. This competition has been designed to continue the traditions of camaraderie within the military, within the sport of trail and ultra running. 

In order for a Military Member to be eligible to obtain points for their branch of the military in the HPRS FUBAR CUP, you must email a copy of your military ID card (Active Duty or Retired), or DD Form 214, to info@HumanPotentialRunning.com. You will then be emailed your personal discount code as stated above. HPRS will then place your name within the appropriate military branch on our Standings Page. 

Teams are divided by military branch. All team member’s points, up to a maximum of the ten (10) best team member scores, count toward team points. Teams must be comprised of at least 4 participants in order to be scored. (If a team has 13 registered runners, the lowest 3 team member scores are not used to tabulate team points). Only points obtained at HPRS Races are eligible.

The FUBAR Cup will start with the 2017 Sawmill Trail Runs in Golden, CO and end with the 2018 Indian Creek Fifties in Sedalia, CO


For any HPRS race that you finish, you will receive points as follows:
Winners Time in Total Minutes / Your Time in Total Minutes * distance factor + additional points (if applicable)

If you finish a 50 mile race 25th in 9:32:27, we’ll round to the nearest minute, so you’d have a 9:32 (572 Minutes). The winner finished in 7:10 (430 minutes). So, your score is: 430 minutes (winners time)/572 minutes (your time) * 10 (distance factor) = 7.52 points

Using the same example above, if you finished 5th in your gender (instead of 25th), we’ll add 4 points to your total for 11.52 Points

* Jane Fonda is just a name we used for this maple within our Adversity Cup
No offense is intended towards vets of the Vietnam War

WINNER’S POINTS (awarded by gender)

1st = 20

2nd = 14

3rd = 10

4th = 6

5th = 4


Half Marathon = 2.62

14, 16, & 17 = 3.2

Marathon = 5.24

50k & 50k+ = 6.4

50mi & 50mi+ = 10

100km = 12.4

100mi = 20

Timed Events = Distance Factor for last milestone reached.
If you run 52 miles at Tommyknocker 12-Hour, your last milestone reached was 50 Miles
Your distance factor would be 10


We never forget our invaluable volunteers. For every hour you work at any HPRS Race, 1 point will be added to your total.


HPRS Military Members who participate in the Human Potential Fat Ass Series (FA Series 2017-2018) will automatically receive bonus points towards their Adversity Cup, and FUBAR Cup Totals. The points are awarded based on Fat Ass Series Points Accrual (FA Series 2017-2018 towards Adversity Cup Year 2018) as follows:

Accrue 125 Points = 5 Points towards the Adversity Cup/FUBAR Cup
Accrue 250 Points = 10 Points towards the Adversity Cup/FUBAR Cup
Accrue 450 Points = 15 Points towards the Adversity Cup/FUBAR Cup

All military members will also be automatically placed in the HPRS Adversity Cup, and eligible for all prizes listed therein. All Adversity Cup rules and regulations therein apply. 


At the end of each HPRS Race, the fastest male and female military member will each sign their name on the HPRS FUBAR CUP CHAMPION TROPHY, and they will also have their picture taken with the award. At the end of the HPRS FUBAR CUP Season, ending with the Indian Creek Fifties, the top Male and Female FUBAR CUP point earners will each take home the coveted HPRS FUBAR CUP CHAMPION TROPHY, a Russian Gas Mask autographed by each male and female race winner from the year.

The First Place Male and Female Military Member in each HPRS Race will also take home a coveted FUBAR CUP Golden Canteen.