Welcome to Human Potential’s Fat Ass Series

The “Fat Ass” is a tradition within the sport of ultra running that dates back to the late 1970s. Traditionally they have been known to operate under the moniker of “No Fees. No Awards. No Aid. No Wimps.” You’ll find just that here.

We’ve designed this page in order to give you accurate information about Human Potential’s Fat Ass Series. Here you will discover what to expect, and not expect, from our Fat Ass Runs. You will also learn what a Fat Ass Run Is and Isn’t.

We’ve worked hard to create a series of winter training runs that allow runners of all abilities to come out and enjoy some challenging runs that affords them a taste (as big or small a mouthful as they’d like) of ultrarunning. At the Human Potential Fat Ass Series, your speed does not matter.. your own internal desire to face adversity does. How many or few miles you run on Fat Ass weekend is entirely up to you. When you run, where you run, and who you run with is also entirely up to you. We hope the structure of the Fat Ass Series helps you learn something about yourselves, about each other, and even affords you the chance to meet new running friends. 

To learn more about the history of Fat Ass Runs, please CLICK HERE.

For further questions and inquiries please email: info@HumanPotentialRunning.com


Human Potential (HP) has pre-scheduled 9 Fat Ass Weekends that start in November and run through April.
Those Dates are as follows:
1: November 4th & 5th, 2017
2: November 25th & 26th, 2017
3: December 16th & 17th, 2017
~Traditional Holiday Break~
4: January 6th & 7th, 2018
5: January 27th & 28th, 2018
6: February 10th & 11th, 2018
7: March 3rd & 4th, 2018
8: March 17th & 18th, 2018
9: April 7th & 8th, 2018

• Prior to each scheduled Fat Ass weekend, HP will email those HPRS Members who have registered for the Fat Ass, the options for that weekend’s Fat Assery. You can register for each Fat Ass by clicking the date you’d like to register for in the list above. Again, only HPRS Members will have the password required to register for each Fat Ass Weekend. 
• HP will provide you with 2 or 3 different run options for the weekend. Each of those options will be in a different location. (Ex: Option 1 – Golden; Option 2 – Boulder)
• HP will also provide you with the points available per mile for each location, on each day.
(Ex: Option 1 – Golden @ 1pt per mile, Option 2 – Boulder @ 2pts per mile. Saturday Run for Full Points. Sunday Run for Half Points)
• Each option will come with a map, a .gpx file for tech types, and turn-by-turn directions for each run as available.
• HP will also host a few BAD ASS weekends, where you have the option to run either of the options on Saturday, and either of the options on Sunday. This is a chance to earn extra points plus 25 bonus points just for being a Bad Ass.
• There is NO pre-run check-in or post-run check-out. The day and time you choose to run is entirely up to you. Who you bring with you is entirely up to you. HP is only providing you with maps, a .gpx file, and turn-by-turn directions for a place great for training on Fat Ass Weekends.
• HP will not be on site for any reason. There will be no aid provided to you. There is no pre or post run meeting. No pre-organized gathering of any kind. 

How Do The Points Work?

There is a bit of a process we all need to commit to in order to make the point system work. There’s some work on your end and some work on our end.  The better we work together, the easier it will be to make the wheels turn and to ensure we all have a great time. Here’s the process.. 

1. You’ll need to wear a gps watch for your Fat Ass Run. At the end of your run, you’ll need to go home and upload your gps tracking data to any one of the popular run-tracking websites (Strava, Garmin Connect, Map My Run, RunKeeper, etc.). Once you upload your data, whatever online platform you use should generate a map and a sharable link for your day’s run. 
2. You’ll then want to send an email to HPRS at info@HumanPotentialRunning.com with your First Name, Last Name, and the link to the page generated by the tracking site. You’ll have until Noon on Tuesday immediately following Fat Ass Weekend to submit your track or you will forfeit your points! Don’t forget! Don’t Delay!
3. HP will then take your track and match it up to the official track for the weekend’s run. You will receive the appropriate points for every single mile you ran identical to the route provided by HP. In other words.. if you get lost and run bonus miles, Congrats! But you don’t get extra points for those bonus miles. If you ran an errant loop, missing 3 miles of the actual route for the day, you will lose out on the points for those 3 miles you missed. Unless of course you run those miles missed as an out and back or some kind of other variation that gets you back on track.
4. HP will maintain a “Fat Ass Points Tracker” in a Google Drive folder. Once we tabulate your points for the weekend, we will update your total points in the tracker. 

What Can I Do With My Points?

Increase Your HPRS Entry Fee Discount
Accrue 125 Points = Increase your HPRS Race Entry discount to 15% off for Crew Members Only
Accrue 250 Points = Increase your HPRS Race Entry discount to 20% off for Crew and Adversity Members Only
Accrue 450 Points = Increase your HPRS Race Entry discount to 25% off for Crew and Adversity Members Only

Win An Age Group Award
HP will award one (1) Comp race entry to any 2018 HPRS Race to the first place winner in each age group
HP will award one (1) 50% off any 2018 HPRS Race Entry Fee to the second place finisher in each age group
HP will raffle off one (1) 50% off any 2018 HPRS Race Entry Fee to one of the 3rd place age group finishers***
Age groups will be divided as follows:
Male <30, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+
Female <30, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

What If I Don’t Live In Colorado?

We welcome everyone from all over the country to join us this Fat Ass Season. We have included a “National” tab on the Fat Ass Points Tracker Page as well. Those wishing to participate on the National level are still required to purchase an HPRS Membership at the Crew or Adversity Level. As Fat Ass Weekend approaches, you’ll want to email HP (by Wednesday at the latest) to provide us with your run plan for the weekend. There are two ways which you can participate: 

1. You provide HPRS with a gps track of the route you intend to run during the upcoming weekend. HP will take your track and look at its merits for level of overall challenge, and pending conditions, in order to provide you with how many points we’ll give you for your proposed run. Like in Colorado your run will be worth either 1 or 2 points regardless of the day you intend to run.

2. Send us a link to, or information for, another Fat Ass taking place in your local area. HP will take the track for the upcoming Fat Ass and look at its merits for level of overall challenge, and conditions, in order to provide you with how many points we’ll give you for your run. Like in Colorado your run will be worth 1 or 2 points regardless of the day you intend to run.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have some and we want to give you the answers. But before we get into that, we have some fine print to provide below. You may find the answer you’re looking for in the fine print below. We’ll still ask your question and answer it. Just click the button below to go to our FA FAQ Page. 

The Fine Print For The Human Potential Fat Ass Series

• HPRS Fat Asses are not races and HPRS Races are not Fat Asses. Please know the difference.
• The HPRS Membership Fee is NOT an entry fee into the Fat Ass Series of Runs. The Membership fee pays for itself in race and retailer discounts alone. The membership fee also pays for the administrative backend of maintaining a point system for Fat Ass Runs, and the administration of providing runners with information on where to run. These Fat Ass Runs are training routes open to you, your guests, and total strangers alike free of charge.
• HP will not be providing any aid at any of the Fat Ass Runs. Should a runner wish to hide aid out on the route prior to the Fat Ass Run, you are welcome to do so.. at your own risk, on your own time, at a location you yourself chose. HP is not at all responsible for any items lost or stolen at any point, at any place, at any time, during Fat Ass Weekend.
• Because the Fat Ass Runs are not races, you will not find a finish line, a timing clock, awards, shirts, bibs, a volunteer, or any other miscellaneous “thing” that you would likely find at an official race. Please don’t show up looking for those things, you won’t find them here.
• A GPS Watch is not required to accrue points in the series. Please see the FAQ page (link above) for more information.
• Purchase is not necessary to participate in the Fat Ass runs. Again, you will need to know a member, or another 3rd party, in order to obtain the information. Only paying HPRS Members are eligible to accrue points and to take advantage of HPRS member discounts. Otherwise, these Fat Ass Runs are open to all.
• Bonus miles are not eligible as bonus points. Only miles run, IDENTICAL to the FA route for the weekend, will count towards your point total. Miles ran beyond the official route for the run do not count towards point totals. One course, one day, one pre-determined set of points available.
• HP will host 2-3 Bad Ass Weekends per Fat Ass Season. Each runner can accrue points from one course, on one day… then accrue points on the same, or other, course on the second day. Do not overcomplicate the process. You pick ONE Course on day one and earn the pre-determined points for that course on that day. You pick ONE course on day two and earn the predetermined points for that course on the second day. HP will add 25 Bonus points to your total just for running two days in a row and providing the required proof of your doing so.
• Bad Ass Weekend Points are only available on Bad Ass Weekends. On all other weekends only one run, on one day, will be scored towards your point total.
• The map provided you prior to Fat Ass Weekend is for rudimentary navigational purposes only. It is entirely up to the runner to know how to read and use the map, and HP is not liable for operator error. HP is also not liable for any and all errors on the map provided including but not limited to: trail closures, trail reroutes, trails no longer in existence, and trails not visible due to deep snow. It is the runner’s responsibility to know the course, and any and all challenges they may face.
• No Fat Ass Route will be marked by HP; be it by ribbon, flour, paint, signage or other. Any runner marking a FA Route for any reason will have their HPRS Membership terminated, and you will be banned from all future HPRS Races and Events. DO NOT MARK THE ROUTE! Anyone caught marking a route will be reported, immediately, to the appropriate land manager and authorities.
• Runs completed on a non-Fat Ass Weekend will not be scored. Races or runs not associated with HP Fat Ass Weekend will not be scored.
• Guests/Friends/Non-Members who participate in a Fat Ass Run and then decide they’d like to become a member, have until 5pm on the Tuesday immediately following Fat Ass Weekend to become a paying member of HPRS in order for that weekend’s run to count towards their point total. All non-members forfeit their potential points after 5pm on the following Tuesday.
• HP Members have until Noon on the Tuesday Immediately Following Fat Ass Weekend to submit their gps track for point accrual. No exceptions will be made.
• HP is not responsible for your watch battery dying during the run. Whatever track you submit is what we’ll score. Make sure your GPS Watch is charged and ready to go!
• HP Members who participate in the Fat Ass Series are bound by all rules, regulations, and fine print associated with HPRS Membership, and all HPRS Race Policies. Violation of any HPRS rule, regulation, or items detailed in the fine print subject the runner to membership termination and an appropriate ban from HPRS if need be. Just use common sense, be respectful, leave your dogs at home, and everything will be just fine!