Q: Do I have to be a member to attend a Fat Ass Run?
A: Nope. You only need to be a member to receive the run info directly from HP. You only need to be a member if you want to benefit from discounts, or if you simply want to be a member. Come on out and run! Just hope ya’ know someone who knows where to go!

Q: So, why would I pay to become a member if I don’t need to be a member to run?
A: The easiest question for us to answer… in essay form. Paying to be a member pays for itself. Think about it. If you pay for the $20 membership, you receive 10-20% off at various local running retailers plus 15% off at RunningWarehouse.com. Just buy one pair of shoes, and use your discount, and your membership pays for itself. On top of that, you get 10% HPRS Race Entry Fees as a member. Sign up for a race, use your discount on a pair of shoes.. membership has now more than paid for itself. Crew and Adversity Members get to enjoy the Fat Ass Series plus they pick up some extra shwag. Pay a little more money, be involved, train and run with us… you could earn a higher race entry fee discount. How about we ask you, why wouldn’t you pay to become a member?  If you don’t care for the points and the discounts then hey, best of luck to ya!

Q: I don’t have a gps watch or don’t know how to work that new-fangled computer thingy everyone is talking about. Can I still participate as a member and accrue points?
A: Yes, and this is where it gets tricky. We’ll defer to the old school method known as “word of honor.” We’ll need to see photos (more than one) of you out there with another paying member who has submitted their own GPS track for the run in order to score you. We ask that you please honestly tell us who you joined and how many miles of the actual route you ran. We’ll take your word for it, and take it from there. Those caught taking advantage of this method of point accrual are subject to membership termination and a lifetime ban. Please don’t be a tool. Be honest! You’re not cheating the system. You’re cheating yourself and the other runners. Harrumph!

Q: Can I run a Fat Ass Route on a day other than the upcoming Saturday and/or Sunday and still accrue points? Can I run a race this weekend and accrue points?
A: No

Q: If I start my run at 11:57pm on Saturday, what day does my run count for?
A: Sunday. Seriously folks.. it’s not rocket science so let’s not make it rocket science. If you want to be a wise guy and give us a wise guy hard time, expect a wise guy hard time back. If you start your run at 11:57p on Saturday, your run took place on Sunday. No, you cannot accrue whole points for running 3 hours of the route on Saturday and the half points for the remainder of your run on Sunday. If you get into playing this little game with us, we’ll play a little game back. Be a reasonable human and we will be too!

Q: The Fat Ass registration page is password protected, how do I get the password to sign up for a Fat Ass?
A: When someone registers to be an HPRS Member, they’ll receive an email with a password to be used for registering for Fat Asses. This password is for paying HPRS Members only, and sharing this password with any non-member for any reason is grounds for membership termination, and other possible bans. If you’re not a member, just show up with a member, no registration required!

Q: I don’t like the two options provided us for the upcoming Fat Ass Weekend, can I run a different route instead? Can I invite other runners to join me instead?
A: Sure, knock yourself out! We hope you have a blast elsewhere. We’ll only be accruing points for one of the options we’ve provided though. We hope you will invite others to join you on your run. Community is what this is all about! Please do acknowledge that it will be your run, your rules, your liability, your risk, and no points. We’re cool if you’re cool.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Sure. But we ask that you please leave your dog at home if you can. Look… We know you love Fido, and we’re sure that Fido is just perfect. But not everyone likes Fido and not everyone wants to meet Fido. Some folks have very serious anxiety issues around dogs. Let’s just be mindful of everyone out there and leave Fido behind.

Q: What about Aid?
A: What about it? Ok ok.. Hey, Aid is now up to you. Yes, in year’s past HPRS has had some epic Aid Stations at our Fat Asses. They were the thing of legend and now, they are just that.. legend. For a variety of reasons we can no longer provide these stations at our Fat Ass Runs. The best thing for you to do is organize your own aid drop for the run. Find a place on the map you’re comfortable hiding your own water and snacks then make it happen prior to the run! Otherwise you’ll want a plan for melting snow, or finding water to filter.. or not.

Q: One of this weekend’s Fat Ass routes is point to point, how do we manage that?
A: You can us the various online tools at your disposal to meet new folks and arrange some carpooling! Seriously though, we’ll help. On the point-to-point runs we’ll have a spreadsheet in the google drive to help set up a carpool or carspot. Where necessary we’ll suggest which bus to take. You can also get on Facebook and go to the Front Range Ultrarunners Facebook Group (hosted by HPRS) and create a post for carpoolers. They’ll respond!

Q: I can’t run the full Fat Ass Route, what do I do? Can I run some on Saturday and some on Sunday?
A: You can run as many or as few miles as you’d like. You can run them all, walk them all, crawl them all, or other. The adventure is entirely up to you. So use your noodle and make a judgement call based on your own abilities. We won’t judge! In terms of the second question… One Day. One Route. One chance at the available accrued points. You can only do two a days on Bad Ass Weekends. So choose where you run, and when you run, or which day you actually submit for points wisely!