Are HPRS courses too hard for first-time trail runners?
Ultimately it is our mission to create events that challenge all runners mentally and physically. To us “Ultra-Style” refers to a race where participants will be required to run, and hike, to complete the course. We try to be generous with our cutoffs to allow as many runners as possible, the opportunity to finish our event without chasing the cut-offs. Hiking the uphills and running the downs is one of our mantras. Don’t be afraid to ask us a few questions on how to prepare for an event. We’ll be honest!
I demand a refund..
::buzz!:: Sorry, your answer must be in the form of a question. We do not offer refunds under any circumstances, and you certainly won’t receive one by demanding it. Yes, this happens. We do offer the opportunity to receive a credit to a future event, and those policies are available for your reading pleasure by clicking HERE. You can also transfer your bib to another runner, which is also discussed on the linked page, so long as an event is not sold out. 
My shirt doesn’t fit, can I trade it for another size?
We do not do a bulk “futures order” on shirts with our suppliers. Our event shirts are made to order and in gender specific sizing. Should your shirt not fit, we ask that you wait until the end of the event on race day and inquire about any sizes left-over from no-shows or other trades. We cannot guarantee we’ll be able to do a size exchange for you. Ultimately, we do have an online store where you can purchase an upgraded shirt with our logos on it. We welcome you to do so if you please. In rare circumstances, we’ll be glad to re-order a shirt for you in a better size and eat the cost of the shirt we already gave you. All we ask is that you be understanding and try to work with us.
When are race-day instructions sent to participants?
In the 2 weeks leading up to any race, we begin to communicate with all of our runners so they know exactly what to expect on race weekend. The closer we get to the event, the more we send out pertinent information. All runners will have the most up to date and detailed information necessary no later than 5 days out from race start.
Can I change distances?

You are allowed to change distances for the event at any time up to race start. Once the gun goes off, you are locked in to that distance. Should you start a 50 Mile event and decide to drop at 50K, you will be counted as a DNF unless that event offers a mid-race drop, like the Indian Creek Fifties. If you should change your distance at any time after you register for the event, we are unable to provide you with a partial refund for doing so. If you move up in distance, you will be charged the difference for doing so at the current race registration rate. 

Will I get lost?

We do our absolute best to mark our course with precision and accuracy. We use ribbon, flagging, paint, signs, and whatever else we think is necessary to ensure that our runners are on track at all times. However, we live in a world where vandalism on our trails is not that uncommon. There is a very real possibility, always, that a course could be sabotaged by other trail users. Should this happen, we will dispatch volunteers to find and correct all runners, fix the marking errors, and allow the race to continue. Should you become lost on the course, you MUST return to the location where you went off course and continue the run from there. Should you decide to drop/DNF due to going off course, this is ultimately your choice. We adhere to the old school rule of ultra-running that “It is the runners responsibility for knowing the course.” So while we will do our very best to diligently mark the course, we suggest you carry a spare course map with you just in case.

What is proper trail etiquette?

If you need to pass a runner in front of you, please be sure to loudly and politely announce “On your left/right” before doing so. Try to allow them to step to the side which is most safe for them. Another option is to ask, “Whenever is next safest, I’d like to pass, cool?” and they’ll step aside for you. On sections where runners are traveling in both directions, the downhill runners always have the right of way due to momentum. Please step aside and let them sneak by safely!

May I wear Headphones?

We strongly discourage the use of headphones during our events. If you absolutely must wear one, we ask that you please only have ONE ear piece in so that you may still communicate with other trail users. This is not because we are sticklers or traditionalists. It is a condition of our insurance policy with the RRCA and a condition of our permits from various land managers. Your safety, the safety of other trail users, and the enjoyment of the resource by all is dependent on your following this rule.

Are dogs or baby-strollers allowed?

Please leave puppy at home. This goes for volunteers and spectators as well. While we are sure your pup is harmless and a real great time, this does not mean ALL other participants want to meet your pup. There are a number of people in our society who have had negative experiences with animals and they are deathly afraid or suffer from anxiety/panic attacks near them. Let’s be mindful of everyone and find other arrangements for your friend.

Most, if not all, of our courses include narrow technical trails. Because of this, baby joggers are not allowed.

My watch has recorded a different distance and/or elevation change measurement for your course.. what are you going to do about it?

While we also love and utilize the various technologies at our disposal for outdoor adventures, we also mindfully acknowledge that these technologies are also still flawed. Most of our event mapping is done on topo software using a mouse. It does not account for every single nook and cranny, though we do feel that our charts, profiles, and distances provide you with a more than accurate representation of what you’re up against. Please be gentle with us. We do our best to provide you with accurate information and over time, we’ll gladly take everyone’s numbers to provide future participants with more accurate averages. Please be mindful that of 5 runners who complete a given course, 5 runners will have a different distance and elevation readings on their watch!

Are HPRS events fundraisers for charities?

HPRS events emphasize the enjoyment of trail running and the personal achievement with a low-key atmosphere. Although HPRS makes small donations to charities and parks, we are a for-profit entity. Runners occasionally run to raise money for charities and they’re welcome to do that, personally. We will support you and help you spread the word on that effort.

What kind of aid station food do you have?

The usual suspects: PB&J, various wraps, fruit (oranges, bananas, grapes, watermelon), Soda (coke, mountain dew, ginger ale), cookies, crackers, candy, chews/gels, electrolyte drink from our sponsor, soup, coffee, tea, cocoa.

Can I run with my dog?


If you have any questions about our policies, please email info@HumanPotentialRunning.com.