“Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” –Goethe

Colorado is home to seven 100-mile endurance runs, and one 24-hour fun run.

In order to be considered a finisher of the Colorado Slam, a runner must complete Five 100-Milers, in one calendar year, consisting of the following:
1. At least 100-Miles at the 24-Hours of Palmer Lake Fun Run
2. The Hardrock 100 and 3. any one (1) July 100-Miler ~or~ 2 & 3. Any two (2) July 100-Milers
4. One (1) August 100-Miler
5. and Run Rabbit Run 100

April: 24 Hours of Palmer Lake (Complete at least 100 Miles)
July: Hardrock 100-Mile Endurance Run (Lottery)
July: Silverheels 100-Mile Endurance Run
July: High Lonesome 100-Mile Endurance Run
July: Grand Mesa 100-Mile Endurance Run
August: Ouray 100-Mile Endurance Run
August: Leadville 100-Mile Endurance Run (Lottery)
September: Run Rabbit Run 100-Mile Endurance Run

Human Potential would like to recognize any runner who completes the Colorado Slam. Should you finish the slam and wish to receive an award for doing so, Human Potential is happy to present you with our special finisher’s plaque at our Indian Creek Fifties race in October. The plaque will include your first and last name, and the races you finished with your official finishing times.

In order to obtain this elite award, you must inform HPRS no later than 3 days after your completion of Run Rabbit Run 100 that you would like the award AND your intention to be present at Indian Creek Fifties to receive it. You will receive a non-transferable comp race entry into the Indian Creek Fifties distance of your choice should you wish to run. No award will be mailed, you MUST attend the Indian Creek Fifties to receive it. Running in the event is not required.

Those not wishing to receive an award for completing The Colorado Slam, should still inform HPRS of your doing so. This will allow us to at least list your name as a finisher of the slam so that it may live on gloriously for all eternity.

The Colorado Slam was created by Human Potential LLC in September 2017. Human Potential is in no way affiliated with any non-HPRS races listed above, nor has permission been requested or granted by any of the above races to be included in the slam. The slam was created to encourage 100-mile enthusiasts to accomplish an amazing feat in the many faces of adversity. HPRS reserves the right to edit the slam should any of the above listed races be cancelled in any given year or permanently, or should any additional 100-mile endurance runs be formed within the state.