1. No Affiliation Is Required to Compete (you do not need to be a member of a club or team)

2. The only purchases required to participate are your individual race registration fees

3. Your age group placement is determined by your age on 1.1.2018

4. Participants must adhere to the rules of their division (see Adversity Cup Homepage)

5. Should a participant finish more races than is required for their division, their eight best scores will be considered with extras being tossed.
(If you run 5 HPRS Races, only your best 4 point totals will be used. If you run 5 non-HPRS races, only your best 4 point totals will be used)

6. To accumulate points towards a specific team (Rocky Mountain Runners, Front Range XC, or another team you and your friends made up..) all team members must submit a simple registration form to acknowledge the team they’d like their points to go towards. This registration must be completed prior to the start of the 4th race of the HPRS Season (Silverheels 100 -or- Last Call 50 Mile) by CLICKING HERE.

7. You may only be a member of ONE team and you cannot switch teams after you submit your registration (no exceptions).

8. All team members points, up to a maximum of the ten (10) best team member scores, will count toward team points. Teams are comprised of a minimum of 4 racers, with a maximum of 10 score earners. Should a team have 13 registered runners, only the scores of the top 10 will count towards the teams total score, with the bottom three score earners being dropped. 

9. You can ONLY get points from the races you finish. No points are awarded for DNF’s and your results must appear in the race’s official results.